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Third Party Plans or PrePaid Dental Plans

Most people don’t have dental insurance they have prepaid dental plans.   Patients pay premiums to take advantage of a pre-negotiated fee schedule negotiated by a third party. Most people don’t have dental insurance.  They have prepaid plans.  They or their employer pay premiums  to take advantage of a pre-negotiated fee schedule administered by a […]

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Why Dental Insurance?

Why Dental Insurance? Insurance- a contract or guarantee against loss by a contingent event.  A contract whereby one party undertakes to reimburse another party against loss or damage.  “Websters Dictionary” An employer can offer dental insurance as something extra to compete in the job market or to have something to offer unions.  It may not […]

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Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts An employer can put funds into an account that a family can use for un-reimbursed medical expense dental care, optical needs or prescripton drugs.  Funds can be set aside for one one year and in some plans unused funds can be carried over from year to year.  Employees can estimate how much […]

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Direct Reimbursement Dental Plans

Direct Reimbursement Dental Plans Many different plans exist because the employer can develop a simple reimbursement plan.  The benefits are in dollar expense for dental care not dental insurance benefits from an insurance company.  A fund is available from an employer to pay dental bills when a simple receipt is submitted for reimbursement.  With direct […]

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Dental Insurance – What it is and Isn’t

Dental Insurance – What it is and Isn’t  Types of Dental Insurance include low cost basic dental coverage, all inclusive generous coverage and many plans in between. Low cost basic insurance often covers 100% of exams, x-rays, cleanings.  There is usually a copay for restorations and tooth removals.  Other procedures are often not covered.  Better […]

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