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Our Family’s Dentist for over 30 years

Our Family’s Dentist for over 30 years. To People Considering Visiting Dr. Rodman, We have been fortunate to have Dr. Rodman as a good friend and our family dentist for over 30 years.  We have appreciated the friendship and good care he has given us. Bob Rowe,  DeRuyter, NY

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Always there for dental care

Always there for dental care I had several serious dental problems.  Dr. Rodman promptly took care of the problems with no next day after-effects whatsoever.  After that the office over the years was always there  for all our dental care. Jim,  Fabius, NY

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Excellent Dentist – no pain!

Excellent Dentist – no pain! Dr. Rodman fixed several of my dental problems in one visit. It did not hurt a bit. Linda, Cazenovia College  

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