Dental Insurance – What it is and Isn’t

Dental Insurance – What it is and Isn’t

Why Dental Insurance?Types of Dental Insurance include low cost basic dental coverage, all inclusive generous coverage and many plans in between.

Low cost basic insurance often covers 100% of exams, x-rays, cleanings. There is usually a copay for restorations and tooth removals. Other procedures are often not covered. Better dental insurance plans may include crowns, root canal treatment, oral surgery, periodontal (gum) treatment, bridges, implants, partial and complete dentures, orthodontic treatment and emergency treatments. A copay by the patient is usually required. There is usually a set amount of treatment allowed each year. It may be $1000 or $1200 per year. Some plans pay 100% of the claims submitted by our office.

Many plans have a yearly deductible that the patient pays before a claim is honored. Usually there is a copay required by the patient. This could be 20% – 50% or more of the expense incurred. An insurance company usually has several plans available with a range of premiums and types of coverage.

You have a choice to go to the dentist of your choice. With travel expense and loss of time you may not save money with a participating office in a network. Our office may be more cost effective in that there is a discount for direct or self-payment.

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