Dentist Appointments

Dental Appointment

Flexible Dentist Appointment Schedule!

We have a flexible schedule to work with your busy schedule.There are some evening and Saturday appointments
available.We also try to leave at least one opening each day for short notice visits. – no extra charge.

Make the best use of time!

We strive to complete your dental work in as few visits as possible. There is not a need to rush you out the door or to
schedule you another appointment.

Certain treatments do require more than one visit. When we can, we will get your smile fixed up in one visit.

Call for a Dental Appointment!

We focus on convenient appointments. To some patients this means after school or after work. We also have dentist
appointments available on Saturday mornings without an extra charge.

Convenient Free Parking!

We have free off-street parking and are located right next door to the Post Office in the Village of Cazenovia New York 13035. Just park in the back parking lot near the white garage.

Click to call!: 315-637-7024