Self-Pay Dentist Discounts

Self-Pay Discounts

We offer discounts to self-pay dental patients!

Self-Pay patients love to get the maximum dental work for the minimum expense at Dr. Rodman’s office. iStock_000014499604XSmall

  • We offer very discounted rates to our self-paying patients.
  • We save a lot of time and expense when we do not have to bill insurance companies; We pass the savings on to you!
  • If you pay your own bills, this is the dental office you have been looking for.
  • Take advantage of self-pay discounts.
  • Self pay patients can take advantage of cost efficiencies at our office.

Self-Pay Dental Discounts:

  • Have you wondered why typically patients have to pay the insurance rates for dental care when you don’t have dental insurance?
  • Are you looking for a dentist office where you get a very deep discount for paying your own bill at the time of the visit?
  • For over 30 years patients have discovered that if they pay their own dental bills they receive a cash discount.
  • When we save the expense of billing insurance companies we pass the savings directly to our patients!

Advantages for Self Pay Patients:

  • No claim forms – save time and money
  • No pre-authorization of work is needed – save more time and money
  • No time spent explaining benefits to patient
  • Treatment plans are not submitted to insurance companies for second guessing with inadequate information
  • There are not any arbitrary denial of claims
  • Current quality control by insurance companies and or government does not contribute to increased quality of dentistry.

The dentist therefore has more time for producing high quality dental care, for lower fees.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards.


Ask about Care Credit

Ask about Care Credit

Self-Pay Dental Discounts!

Self-Pay Dental Discounts!


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